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Horses are smarter than you think!

Some folks think horses are dumb; after all, they let us take their freedom and boss them around. While it’s true no horse has written a major symphony or discovered a comet, it is evident they can solve problems, communicate, and figure out ways to take advantage of the people who think they are dumb.

For instance, last month I saw several horses using tools to do something. Only a few animals like higher primates and some clever birds are credited with the ability to do this, but I witnessed my favorite animal turning trash into a handy device.

Two horses of my acquaintance were picking up the woody stalks of weeds in their recently-mowed pasture, and using the  fan-shaped panicles of seed pods to swat flies off their bellies behind their forelegs.  This is a hard area for them to reach with either their heads or their hind legs, so they improvised fly-swatters! How’s that for innovative and smart?


Autumn Pleasures


Autumn Pleasures.

My plant pals are beginning to color up. This was taken in 2006 in an especially good year for foliage, in my back yard. What with changing weather patterns in New England, this riot  of color may never be surpassed.

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By Jingo, It Works!

I did the Kindle Freebie campaign, and I had a vision of the future.  I mean, it worked.  I had almost 4,000 hits, and sold fifty books.  OK, that doesn’t make my book  “Fifty Shades of Gray,” but for a small-press author on her first go, it’s not chopped liver either!  I have buddies who mock at small presses, and scoff at reading on a device instead of a real book (“The whole tactile experience! turning the pages! Making margin notes! Irreplaceable!”) I say, as a person with allergies to dust and mold, and a love of reading my iPad under the covers, and who likes to take ten books on vacation with her the hardcopy book is in for some serious competition.

So I am pretty content, and am gearing up to do another Freebie campaign when Kindle allows me to. Thanks to all the sites that allowed me to list the book either at a reasonable cost or gratis. A brave new world of  low-priced, tree-saving e-books, e-publicity that does not involve hardcopy or agents, could be a happy place for writers in the near future. I’m glad I have begun to explore it.



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Free Offer! My Nice Book “Sam (a pastoral)” on Kindle, this week only, September 10-14!

Read the tale of the angry kid, the unlovely old horse, the tumbledown New England Farm, the small-town neighbors  and all the glorious and terrible things that happen in their lives.  This pretty good book is suitable for adults as well as maturer teens.  There are some sensitive issues  for certain young readers: parental violence and abandonment, mild cussing, poverty, some animal abuse, bullying and implied predation of a minor.  There is also a ghost.  Image