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My pretty good book

“Sam (a pastoral)” by Susan Larson

Here’s my first book, “Sam (a pastoral).  It’s a ‘fictional memoir’ about a heart-hungry kid who is in love with horses.  The horse in this tale actually existed, and even did a few of the things he is given credit for in this book.  I wanted to immortalize this fabulous lovable critter and make him the center of a story about finding your heart’s desire, learning to roll with life’s punches, and discovering the strength to forgive the people you love when they hurt you.

Sam isn’t anybody’s dream horse, but he is Ruthie’s first love.  He loves her back and provides a big shoulder to cry on, a warm back to gallop on, and a loyal heart to sustain her  when the rest of the world seems completely pitiless.

The human  folks who inhabit this book are loving, nasty,  kind, cruel, wounded, frightened, broken and brave by turns.  Ruthie comes to see her parents and her neighbors as clearly and lovingly as she sees her horse, and to forgive them their flaws as he has forgiven hers.

This book will take adult readers back to the sunny meadows and stormy passions of kid-hood, and will remind younger readers that they can find their paradise, lose it, and win it back again.


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